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A family of ready-to-use products for industry and professionals.

Our suite of ready-to-use products is capable of addressing needs and solving problems across various sectors. EYERUS, a highly modular and customizable platform, provides a flexible framework for industrial production quality control. LINGUANALYSIS facilitates the work of document management. And finally, EASYCHATTY, our mobile voice assistant that responds and interacts, simplifying and enhancing everyday digital communication.


The all-in-one Platform for Faster and Easier Computer Vision Development

Eyerus is a state-of-the-art computer vision platform that leverages artificial intelligence to revolutionize visual inspection. Eyerus makes the latest computer vision technologies accessible even to non-expert users, enabling the effective implementation of AI and transforming business processes.


  • Advanced image and video dataset acquisition and management.
  • Image annotation tools through bounding boxes, masks and anomaly identification.
  • Intuitive interface for training customized deep learning models.
  • Real-time detection of defects and anomalies via the trained models.
  • End-to-end automation of the quality control workflow through configurable workflows.
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An NLP (Natural Language Processing) solution for document management.

LinguAnalysis is an innovative platform that simplifies business document management. With features such as optical character recognition, information extraction and automatic data entry, LinguAnalysis speeds up document flows. With LinguAnalysis, companies can efficiently manage large volumes of documents, saving valuable time and minimizing errors.


  • Simplified document loading via intuitive interface.
  • Automatic categorization of documents based on content using advanced algorithms.
  • Ability to create custom document types.
  • Chat interaction with natural language questions to gain insight.
  • Optical character recognition to convert paper documents into searchable digital format.
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Simple, direct, and accessible.

EasyChatty is a ChatGPT-powered chatbot available on Telegram and WhatsApp to provide users with an intelligent virtual assistant that is always accessible. With its ability to answer questions, perform tasks, and engage in natural conversations, EasyChatty streamlines and enhances everyday digital communication.


  • Built on ChatGPT for smooth, interactive conversations
  • Available on Telegram and WhatsApp for instant access
  • Easy to use even for inexperienced users
  • Privacy and data security
  • Multilingual capabilities to reach more users
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