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Tailored Solutions delivering measurable results

3 technology to deliver our solutions

Computer Vision
Defect analysis, object tracking, extracting information from images and videos.

The perfect technology if your company uses vision tools to recognize objects, both static and moving, and details within images.

Natural Language Processing
Virtual assistant, text comprehension, reasoning system.

Do you need to optimize the time spent reviewing documents and analyzing questionnaires? NLP can automatically extract information from written and spoken data, and generate text and information.

Analisi Predittiva
Failures prediction, forecasting classification, sales estimation, stock procurement.

To analyze your company’s historical data, discover recurring patterns, and make better decisions in the future.

Why choose AI-Based solutions for your business

Implementing AI-Based solutions improves business performance

Lower-value-added activities that are just a huge cost to the company and stress on the human factor can (and will) be automated by an AI system, giving more time and money to the company to invest in higher-value-added activities.

Machine optimization

BASED AI solutions enable machines to autonomously improve the way they work.

Optimization of human resources

BASED AI solutions make it possible to delegate many repetitive, tiring and low-value-added tasks to machines, thus freeing up resources for jobs better suited to humans.

Maximum ROI

Perfect skills, scalability and speed of implementation applied to our projects will guarantee you maximum return on investment.

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Why choose us

We use our BlueTensor Framework™ to quickly, accurately, and effectively build AI solutions tailored to businesses’ needs and the required solution’s complexity.

We know that having a method is important, which is why we’ve created a framework to simplify and speed up the process of delivering solutions.

We collaborate with industry experts to acquire new skills and knowledge. BlueTensor will continue to be able to effectively compete in a constantly evolving market and achieve the highest potential for growth, as well as provide cutting-edge solutions to its customers.