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A European-level laboratory of excellence uses Artificial Intelligence for quality control.
Context & Problem

ILT is a law tech company founded by a group of professionals with the aim of improving the efficiency and quality of legal activities through the use of innovative technological tools. The goal is to provide professional legal services of excellent quality.

The problem they wanted to solve was to simplify the repetitive activities of lawyers, such as reading and interpreting legal cases and codes, drafting deeds and documents, and other similar tasks.


The objective of PowerLex is to simplify repetitive activities of lawyers, such as reading and interpreting cases, and writing legal documents. This allows lawyers to focus on strategic and higher-value activities that enhance their professionalism. Additionally, PowerLex aims to provide an estimate of the likely outcome of legal proceedings by building predictive models and independently drawing on external databases.


BlueTensor’s team, in collaboration with ITAS Law Tech, has developed PowerLex: an Artificial Intelligence application that organizes and analyzes documents, processes and formats court documents in less than 20 minutes, provides a report to support the correct interpretation of the case, and builds predictive models to estimate the likely outcome of proceedings. This AI algorithm represents a significant step toward automating lawyers’ daily activities, allowing them to focus on more strategic and higher value-added tasks, thereby enhancing their professionalism. The ITAS Law Tech team works daily to refine and evolve PowerLex, improving its performance and implementing new features and usage applications.

Applied Technology

Natural Language Processing & Predictive Analysis


  • Over 35,000 documents and 4,000 legal proceedings processed, more than 1,000 documents for manual handwriting interpretation, 12 lawyers dedicated to training the software, and a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure.

Processing and formatting of judicial documents requested in less than 20 minutes